Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Retreat goodies

Here are some things for the quilt retreat.
Perfect little things for everyone to get.
Doesn't everyone like to get some goodies when away at a meeting?
Here they are all packaged cute like in treat baggies.

Quilt Games

As i am preparing for 2 upcoming retreats i did a little search for some games for quilters. 
Here is one link that has some GREAT ideas!! Go and take a look. They have puzzles to print off and ideas with patterns of things to make.....and some great ideas on how to change a game to make it more quilty.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Fabric Postcards

This one is a fun one!!
I had a pile of fusible and scraps available for everyone to use up. The fusible Peltex was already cut to size, and the cardstock for the backside was cut to size also.
They picked from the piles and designed one side of the postcard. They used the iron to fuse the pieces all together and sewing machine if they wanted to stitch it too.
I made them pick a name out of a bag with a name on it (someone from the group) and they had to write something and mail it to them!!! They got a kick out of that. They had made 2 postcards. One to keep and now one to mail away.
For a tutorial and some GREAT pictures of finished postcards check out Whosies.
Here are a couple of good links for helping you make your own.
Red shoe Ramblings ---great humor and ideas too
CraftyPod ---makes them without the peltex...maybe a little cheaper.
I got a little out of hand for a year and went crazy with the swapping of fabric postcards. I love them all though....

Do your dolls need some corispondants too? check out the etsy store for printables + a pattern to make a mail carrier bag.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Gift Baskets

There are many groups that have a basket FULL of little sewing goodies. These baskets are used for drawings.

What king of drawings you ask?
* on time. Arrive early or on time, put your name in....
* show and tell. Bring something to share with others, show others and you get your name in...
This can be played two ways. One name per day of bringing something, or one name per item you share with others. You choose. Maybe it just depends on how many prizes you have for the year.
* You have a birthday that month.....draw a prize. No name here, you just get something!
* You did the demonstration or project for that meeting....draw a prize. again, just pick it.
* You have a demonstration one month and if they finish something the next month that was from the previous months goes in.

The list can go on and on. Think outside the box with these drawings. Give them a surprise every once in awhile. Mix it up, so they don't expect what will happen.
Tonight i went to the group and no one put their name in the we called out numbers and counted chairs. Then a few said---hey, there are a ton of prizes- how about everyone get to choose one.......SURE, Why not!!! so they all were happy little stitchers and passed around the basket to take a little prize home with them. Nothing expected...but it goes a long way with happy stitchers let me tell you.

How do you get the items for the basket? Where do they come from? What can be in them?
* See if a quilt/sewing/craft store will donate items for your group.
* Pick things up at a garage sale, thrift store. Make sure though that they are usable and farely new items. You don't want dirty fabric or something too funky going in them. You want to make those stitchers happy. Give them good stuff!
* How about having each member of the group bring 12 items. This would be collected before your year starts. The mass of items would be mixed up and then placed in the basket...running low? add some more? You will get a great variety of items that maybe others will love and that you would never think of including. Since they give 12 then they will be able to pick 12. Don't keep numbers with people, you will have extra stuff believe me....but this gives you a GREAT start.
* You could be picky about those items others are giving. Give them a scavenger hunt type of list. one thing sharp and pointy, one thing flowered, something prickly, something patterned, something with a picture, something you read, magazine, patterns, leftover or lost projects, long and skinny, stringy, ufo (un-finished object) whatever you can think of to get their brain juices going.
* Don't mention what the items will be for. That way they will give somethings that are really fun and maybe nicer than what they would normally bring.
* If you do a swap or trade....make extras to put in the basket...either as a group, or individual items.
* Discounted items from craft stores. Use coupons to get nice stuff way cheap.
* Buy large pieces of fabric for a great deal and cut them into fat quarters or eights.
* Leftovers from group meetings you did. Maybe a leftover kit from a stitchery, wool work, in class projects or whatever else. No one claims it after a bit? Everyone already have one? Stick it in. Someone might pick it up to give to someone they know and share the stitching bug.

What kind of things go into the baskets?
* Chocolate goodies in little baggies. yum.
* sewing glasses
* scissors
* threads
* needles
* patterns
* books relative to the group
* magazines
* fabric
* notions
* sewing kits
* marking pens
* chalking pencils
* thread wax
* seam ripper
* past projects
* kits
* stationary
* whatever else that comes to mind

Gift baskets are loved by all!! Everyone loves something free and to choose their own..even better. Make your own rules, gather your stuff and have some fun.

OH, and give them a prize when they turn their items in (if you are collecting them from members)!! they will love it!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ribbon Scissor Lanyard

Angie over on Quilting Melodies Did a quick tutorial on making a ribbon scissor lanyard.
Perfect for a make and take or even a little gift at parties or for sewing friends.

You need 3 things to make one:
1) 1 1/2 inch ribbon ---1 yard in length
2) a covered girls hair elastic
3) Cute button

Can't get any easier than that!! Go over and check hers out.

Monday, August 3, 2009


The winner of the fancy doily pincuchion......

Thanks for playing everyone!!!
There will be some more updates this week....fabric postcards, block in a box....
See ya then.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Round Robins

Round Robins are one of my FAVORITE swaps!!!
This can do as a blind round robin or open round robin. Blind is where you are NOT SHOWN the progress of the quilt along the way. You see it when it is the end of the WHOLE round robin. Open is when--it is open. You get to see the progress each month when they get traded.
This Round robin is when you present the center and everyone adds to it--depending on the rules- Each month they bring it back with thier additions and pass it along to another player, until everyone has played on your quilt!
Decide the rules before you do this one. Everyone needs to know what is expected of them! Usually the rules say----
* do 1, 2, 3, or 4 sides of the center block----you would choose one.
* the sides you add are not to be larger than 4 inches ---this could be changed per the stitcher--but you want an overall rule so the players aren't expected to do something huge!
* The center block is not to be larger than 14 x 14 inches big--or whatever size you give it.
* We will be doing this for 6 months, 12 months or whatever you gals decide. This helps them know how large theirs will end up and how long they have to play along. Don't drag this one on for too long though.
* Have a master list of players and what quilt they get for the month. This will definitly help with keeping track of who has what--especially when someone doesn't come for one meeting and no one knows anything :)
1st one:

Finished size is 45 X 50 or so.

I'll take you through the borders. The first one is my center block. 2nd- the big sunflower + the green check border below the center block. 3rd- the gardening veggies on the left and bottom. 4th- the nine patches, honey hive, and i think she did the bird house on the left too (that might have just been done by one gal. can't remember) 5th- the flowers on the top, 6th-- the piano keys on the left and the mountains and sun on top.

I don't fool around with round robins. I start off BIG!!! this is my center block. Elisa added the stitched family on the bottom. I love all the pieces and additions!! turned out perfect. Fun huh? This one was done in 2003 i think.

2nd one

Finished size: 45 X 45

Here are the border orders: 1st my center block. 2nd -paper pieced bees on the top and bottom, 3rd- braided borders on the left and right, 4th- shaggy flowers and vine with corners (she did all 4 sides), I think she pu the brown border on it too ?, 5th- 9 patches with little leaves at the corners left and bottom sides, 6th- piano keys on the top and right side.

Again...the mega center. It was actually a kit from JOANNS. hee hee.

Have fun with this one!! you really have to be ok with what you get. Sometimes things are not what you had envisioned, but let that go. Be greatful that your friends took the time to add to your quilt. I hurry and finish these when i get them. They always look better completed and i won't go and pick them apart and nit pick what others have added. I know a few of the players on these, but some i don't really remember. You can also have everyone sign a piece of fabric to put on the back as a label. I really love both of them!!!

--flickr it if you have done one of these--

Brown Bag Swap

This is how you play:

* All the ladies in the group --that are participating-- are given a brown grocery bag.
* There is a staples note on the front with the 'rules'


* you are to return the bag ready to be swapped by a certain date given.
* no projects larger than 25 X 25
* furnish a book, pattern, suggestions or specifics on what you would like in the end.
* stick fabric in there, scraps, jelly rolls, charm packs. whatever you like for your project to be made in.
* the project you recieve will need to be finished. Finished--quilted/tied/, bound--finished
* The finished project will return to its origional owner in --we gave them 6 months.

Do you get it? It is basically a one person swap. You take the bag home and put a kit, or a pattern with suggestions or a book or whatever inside. You include fabric and tell them to add some more from their stash--or only use what is given--if you are afraid of others stashes :)

When you arrive with your bag, you set is on the table. After everyone has entered their bags, you go and pick up a new one!!! --as the leader you might want to make a list that everyone puts who they got on it. That way you know who to track down when something goes missing--

We had a bunch of fun with this one. One gal didn't finish hers but gave the gal a twin size quilt top!! so all was forgiven. There were others who did needle turn applique, mini quilts, some were kits for wall hangings...ect. EVERYONE completed their brown bag projects and brought them for a show and tell at one meeting. It was a blast to see what others had done with the ideas suggested to them with fabrics.
ALL the rules and stuff can be changed per your group. Just make sure they are printed on a paper on the outside of the bag, so noone can give excuses of not understanding. This is a great one for those who are a bit afraid of doing a 'swap' with others in the group. You are giving the rules for them to play by + the fabric + the really it gives you a little bit of security of what you will be recieving in the end.
Here is mine:

I gave a muslin pattern piece for the over all shape and size. I told them i wanted it to go above the door. I would like 4 in the end---they make just 1-- Seasonal though, so they could be changed out. I got spring!!! It still is above the door in the mud room, and has never moved-- Remember the 4 total? yup, i just have one and it was made by someone else!! The gal that got my bag was 10 years old :) Didn't she do a lovely job? It is machine appliqued and she quilted it.

Not one person complained about what they recieved. In fact i was over at one gals home a few months back and she had the wall hanging i made for her hanging up in her foyer!!!

Have fun with this one!! if you do this flickr it for everyone to see.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Thanks for coming on over!!!

How about a little give away to start us off here!!!

How about a pin cushion!!!
It has the doily on top and cute fabric underneath.
It is stuffed tight with crushed walnut shells, and has the cute vintage button in the center.
Would you like it? --i will randomly grab one and send it too you.
How to play? You need the rules?
Leave a comment = 1 entry
Leave a comment + become a follower+ blog the link = 2 entries
Leave a comment + blog the link + twitter it = 3 entries
Deadline---how about Thursday the week. I will announce on FRIDAY the 31st.
(You need to leave a blog address + the twitter link for credit please. That way i can find you when you win too :)
psstt, psstt:
(stateside or canada only please)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Zipper bags

These are the best!! Make them in an evening or have them ready for collecting!

Depending on budget you can have them bring their own fabric strips and zippers and clear plastic, or you supply some or all of it.

Whosies has the tutorial for following along.
make it and share it threadlings flickr

Doily Pin Cushion

This one is an easy one to do one night for a meeting or table decoration. Put them into kits, have them bring fabric to sew that night, learn about dying doilies, or whatever you like.

Follow along and they make up quick!!

Whosies shares how to put them together...step by step.

Do it and share it----threadlings flickr group.

Ice Cream Dishes

Fabric Ice Cream Sundaes
This idea came from Angie. She did this for our quilt group at the summer dinner party. Each lady got one and all the tables were filled with these cute, yummy ice cream dishes----filled with fabric!!

***Quick instructions***
1) Find glass desert cups, glasses
2) Find cute fat quarters for the 'icecream'
2) Use a styrofome ball (cut in half if needed), or use poly fil
3) Wrap the ball or polyfil with a fat quarter. Keep it tucked in with pins. Try it out and let the fabric drape down inside the cup. Don't leave a big gap in the bottom of the cup.
4) Place into the glass cup
5) Put a little puff of poly fil or stuffing on top. Keep in in place with a pin
6) Top with a plastic in place.

Have them set on the table for the centerpiece.

Use them as a pin cushion, grab the fabric and make something new....or just as a cute decoration.

Each one gets their own!! super cute!!

make it and share it Threadling Flickr

Button Flower Bouquets

Perfect for decorating the table and everyone taking one home for keeps!! These could also be done as a kit or as a make and take. Super quick and easy.....hard to pick and choose those buttons though.

Place them in the center of the table in a group, or with names tags for the party attenders.
There are a couple of tutorials out there for making the flowers.

Oh So Crafty basic how to
Craftzine has an added felt flower- cute
Cut out and Keep perfect and simple + pictures
Cut out and Keep another version with drawn pictures

This one is my favorite and the one that i did for our party one time.
Whimsy Love ---she even has some for purchase too!!

I used mine for the center pieces at Christmas time. They look real pretty in the clear or vintage shakers. Everyone had their own to take home and each was different. The variety you get from using vintage buttons from your stash is so much fun! You won't be able to stop!!

Did you make some and want to share? Flickr it!

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