Thursday, June 25, 2009

Button Flower Bouquets

Perfect for decorating the table and everyone taking one home for keeps!! These could also be done as a kit or as a make and take. Super quick and easy.....hard to pick and choose those buttons though.

Place them in the center of the table in a group, or with names tags for the party attenders.
There are a couple of tutorials out there for making the flowers.

Oh So Crafty basic how to
Craftzine has an added felt flower- cute
Cut out and Keep perfect and simple + pictures
Cut out and Keep another version with drawn pictures

This one is my favorite and the one that i did for our party one time.
Whimsy Love ---she even has some for purchase too!!

I used mine for the center pieces at Christmas time. They look real pretty in the clear or vintage shakers. Everyone had their own to take home and each was different. The variety you get from using vintage buttons from your stash is so much fun! You won't be able to stop!!

Did you make some and want to share? Flickr it!


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