Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ice Cream Dishes

Fabric Ice Cream Sundaes
This idea came from Angie. She did this for our quilt group at the summer dinner party. Each lady got one and all the tables were filled with these cute, yummy ice cream dishes----filled with fabric!!

***Quick instructions***
1) Find glass desert cups, glasses
2) Find cute fat quarters for the 'icecream'
2) Use a styrofome ball (cut in half if needed), or use poly fil
3) Wrap the ball or polyfil with a fat quarter. Keep it tucked in with pins. Try it out and let the fabric drape down inside the cup. Don't leave a big gap in the bottom of the cup.
4) Place into the glass cup
5) Put a little puff of poly fil or stuffing on top. Keep in in place with a pin
6) Top with a plastic in place.

Have them set on the table for the centerpiece.

Use them as a pin cushion, grab the fabric and make something new....or just as a cute decoration.

Each one gets their own!! super cute!!

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