Sunday, July 26, 2009

Brown Bag Swap

This is how you play:

* All the ladies in the group --that are participating-- are given a brown grocery bag.
* There is a staples note on the front with the 'rules'


* you are to return the bag ready to be swapped by a certain date given.
* no projects larger than 25 X 25
* furnish a book, pattern, suggestions or specifics on what you would like in the end.
* stick fabric in there, scraps, jelly rolls, charm packs. whatever you like for your project to be made in.
* the project you recieve will need to be finished. Finished--quilted/tied/, bound--finished
* The finished project will return to its origional owner in --we gave them 6 months.

Do you get it? It is basically a one person swap. You take the bag home and put a kit, or a pattern with suggestions or a book or whatever inside. You include fabric and tell them to add some more from their stash--or only use what is given--if you are afraid of others stashes :)

When you arrive with your bag, you set is on the table. After everyone has entered their bags, you go and pick up a new one!!! --as the leader you might want to make a list that everyone puts who they got on it. That way you know who to track down when something goes missing--

We had a bunch of fun with this one. One gal didn't finish hers but gave the gal a twin size quilt top!! so all was forgiven. There were others who did needle turn applique, mini quilts, some were kits for wall hangings...ect. EVERYONE completed their brown bag projects and brought them for a show and tell at one meeting. It was a blast to see what others had done with the ideas suggested to them with fabrics.
ALL the rules and stuff can be changed per your group. Just make sure they are printed on a paper on the outside of the bag, so noone can give excuses of not understanding. This is a great one for those who are a bit afraid of doing a 'swap' with others in the group. You are giving the rules for them to play by + the fabric + the really it gives you a little bit of security of what you will be recieving in the end.
Here is mine:

I gave a muslin pattern piece for the over all shape and size. I told them i wanted it to go above the door. I would like 4 in the end---they make just 1-- Seasonal though, so they could be changed out. I got spring!!! It still is above the door in the mud room, and has never moved-- Remember the 4 total? yup, i just have one and it was made by someone else!! The gal that got my bag was 10 years old :) Didn't she do a lovely job? It is machine appliqued and she quilted it.

Not one person complained about what they recieved. In fact i was over at one gals home a few months back and she had the wall hanging i made for her hanging up in her foyer!!!

Have fun with this one!! if you do this flickr it for everyone to see.


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