Sunday, July 26, 2009

Round Robins

Round Robins are one of my FAVORITE swaps!!!
This can do as a blind round robin or open round robin. Blind is where you are NOT SHOWN the progress of the quilt along the way. You see it when it is the end of the WHOLE round robin. Open is when--it is open. You get to see the progress each month when they get traded.
This Round robin is when you present the center and everyone adds to it--depending on the rules- Each month they bring it back with thier additions and pass it along to another player, until everyone has played on your quilt!
Decide the rules before you do this one. Everyone needs to know what is expected of them! Usually the rules say----
* do 1, 2, 3, or 4 sides of the center block----you would choose one.
* the sides you add are not to be larger than 4 inches ---this could be changed per the stitcher--but you want an overall rule so the players aren't expected to do something huge!
* The center block is not to be larger than 14 x 14 inches big--or whatever size you give it.
* We will be doing this for 6 months, 12 months or whatever you gals decide. This helps them know how large theirs will end up and how long they have to play along. Don't drag this one on for too long though.
* Have a master list of players and what quilt they get for the month. This will definitly help with keeping track of who has what--especially when someone doesn't come for one meeting and no one knows anything :)
1st one:

Finished size is 45 X 50 or so.

I'll take you through the borders. The first one is my center block. 2nd- the big sunflower + the green check border below the center block. 3rd- the gardening veggies on the left and bottom. 4th- the nine patches, honey hive, and i think she did the bird house on the left too (that might have just been done by one gal. can't remember) 5th- the flowers on the top, 6th-- the piano keys on the left and the mountains and sun on top.

I don't fool around with round robins. I start off BIG!!! this is my center block. Elisa added the stitched family on the bottom. I love all the pieces and additions!! turned out perfect. Fun huh? This one was done in 2003 i think.

2nd one

Finished size: 45 X 45

Here are the border orders: 1st my center block. 2nd -paper pieced bees on the top and bottom, 3rd- braided borders on the left and right, 4th- shaggy flowers and vine with corners (she did all 4 sides), I think she pu the brown border on it too ?, 5th- 9 patches with little leaves at the corners left and bottom sides, 6th- piano keys on the top and right side.

Again...the mega center. It was actually a kit from JOANNS. hee hee.

Have fun with this one!! you really have to be ok with what you get. Sometimes things are not what you had envisioned, but let that go. Be greatful that your friends took the time to add to your quilt. I hurry and finish these when i get them. They always look better completed and i won't go and pick them apart and nit pick what others have added. I know a few of the players on these, but some i don't really remember. You can also have everyone sign a piece of fabric to put on the back as a label. I really love both of them!!!

--flickr it if you have done one of these--


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