Monday, August 24, 2009

Fabric Postcards

This one is a fun one!!
I had a pile of fusible and scraps available for everyone to use up. The fusible Peltex was already cut to size, and the cardstock for the backside was cut to size also.
They picked from the piles and designed one side of the postcard. They used the iron to fuse the pieces all together and sewing machine if they wanted to stitch it too.
I made them pick a name out of a bag with a name on it (someone from the group) and they had to write something and mail it to them!!! They got a kick out of that. They had made 2 postcards. One to keep and now one to mail away.
For a tutorial and some GREAT pictures of finished postcards check out Whosies.
Here are a couple of good links for helping you make your own.
Red shoe Ramblings ---great humor and ideas too
CraftyPod ---makes them without the peltex...maybe a little cheaper.
I got a little out of hand for a year and went crazy with the swapping of fabric postcards. I love them all though....

Do your dolls need some corispondants too? check out the etsy store for printables + a pattern to make a mail carrier bag.


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