Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Gift Baskets

There are many groups that have a basket FULL of little sewing goodies. These baskets are used for drawings.

What king of drawings you ask?
* on time. Arrive early or on time, put your name in....
* show and tell. Bring something to share with others, show others and you get your name in...
This can be played two ways. One name per day of bringing something, or one name per item you share with others. You choose. Maybe it just depends on how many prizes you have for the year.
* You have a birthday that month.....draw a prize. No name here, you just get something!
* You did the demonstration or project for that meeting....draw a prize. again, just pick it.
* You have a demonstration one month and if they finish something the next month that was from the previous months goes in.

The list can go on and on. Think outside the box with these drawings. Give them a surprise every once in awhile. Mix it up, so they don't expect what will happen.
Tonight i went to the group and no one put their name in the we called out numbers and counted chairs. Then a few said---hey, there are a ton of prizes- how about everyone get to choose one.......SURE, Why not!!! so they all were happy little stitchers and passed around the basket to take a little prize home with them. Nothing expected...but it goes a long way with happy stitchers let me tell you.

How do you get the items for the basket? Where do they come from? What can be in them?
* See if a quilt/sewing/craft store will donate items for your group.
* Pick things up at a garage sale, thrift store. Make sure though that they are usable and farely new items. You don't want dirty fabric or something too funky going in them. You want to make those stitchers happy. Give them good stuff!
* How about having each member of the group bring 12 items. This would be collected before your year starts. The mass of items would be mixed up and then placed in the basket...running low? add some more? You will get a great variety of items that maybe others will love and that you would never think of including. Since they give 12 then they will be able to pick 12. Don't keep numbers with people, you will have extra stuff believe me....but this gives you a GREAT start.
* You could be picky about those items others are giving. Give them a scavenger hunt type of list. one thing sharp and pointy, one thing flowered, something prickly, something patterned, something with a picture, something you read, magazine, patterns, leftover or lost projects, long and skinny, stringy, ufo (un-finished object) whatever you can think of to get their brain juices going.
* Don't mention what the items will be for. That way they will give somethings that are really fun and maybe nicer than what they would normally bring.
* If you do a swap or trade....make extras to put in the basket...either as a group, or individual items.
* Discounted items from craft stores. Use coupons to get nice stuff way cheap.
* Buy large pieces of fabric for a great deal and cut them into fat quarters or eights.
* Leftovers from group meetings you did. Maybe a leftover kit from a stitchery, wool work, in class projects or whatever else. No one claims it after a bit? Everyone already have one? Stick it in. Someone might pick it up to give to someone they know and share the stitching bug.

What kind of things go into the baskets?
* Chocolate goodies in little baggies. yum.
* sewing glasses
* scissors
* threads
* needles
* patterns
* books relative to the group
* magazines
* fabric
* notions
* sewing kits
* marking pens
* chalking pencils
* thread wax
* seam ripper
* past projects
* kits
* stationary
* whatever else that comes to mind

Gift baskets are loved by all!! Everyone loves something free and to choose their own..even better. Make your own rules, gather your stuff and have some fun.

OH, and give them a prize when they turn their items in (if you are collecting them from members)!! they will love it!


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